Civil and General Engineering

FAR & Zoning Regulations

Performed detailed zoning and FAR analysis for individual residential to Hotel Complexes, including multiple use properties. 

Site Grading and Stormwater Drainage Managment

Performed complex grading project, including stormwater drainage management with innovative design

Retaining Walls

KEC has the experience and knowledge in the design of self sustaining retaining walls including complex structures. 


KEC is responsible for creating subdivisions for individual lots to large properties, including merger of lots.

Sky-Plane Analysis

KEC has performed SKY Plane analysis for various structures meeting the NYC DOB Criteria. 

Civil Engineering

Permitting & Zoning Computations

No  job is too small for KEC to perform zoning analysis

of a project for compliance with the Village or Town requirements. 

Civil Engineering Services

KEC has developed Site Plans for complex use projects including, site design, stormwater design field edit surveying and general engineering.

Structural & Foundation Engineering

KEC has tlhe experience in foundations engineering including  piles design and helical Piles used for deep foundations

Backflow Prevention Devices

KEC has provided design of RPZ devices ranging from 2" to 8", underground, above ground for both RPZ and DCV devices. 

Swimming Pools & Spa Design and Permitting

KEC has designed outdoor and indoor swimming pools in Metro New York, including swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, Jacuzzi and outdoor temperature controlled pools for winter operation.

Sanitary Disposal Systems, Sewage Treatment Plants, Design & Permitting

KEC has designed sanitary systems for residential, commercial and industrial facilities in Metro New York area.