Environmental Engineering

Phase I, Phase II Investigations

KEC conducted Phase I & Phase II investigations for properties ranging from single-family homes to Commercial and Industrial Sites in Metro New York Area

RI/FS Investigations

KEC prepared Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies of various sites from small to large sites in Metro New York Area. 

SWPPP Projects

Prepared and Managed SWPPP in New York City,  Long Island and upstate New York. Managed several projects along coast lines and along navigable areas.

Site Cleanups

KEC managed several contaminated site cleanups ranging from Septic tanks to Industrial facilities. Performed closure activities of contaminated sites.

Underground Treatments

KEC designed underground treatment to improve subsoil conditions for parking and site development for building construction

Subsurface Venting

KEC has designed sub-surface venting for various project at landfills and petroleum contamination sites.