Geo-Technical Investigations

Site Evaluation, Analysis & Field Exploration

KEC has evaluated several sites for the development of major projects with the help of a Certified Geo-Technical Laboratory for construct ability. 

Geo-Technical Analysis and Reporting

KEC has prepared several Geo-Technical Investigation Reports for various client use and for the submission to the appropriate agencies for their use and approval. 

Test Pit Location & Investigation

KEC has conducted several test pit investigation as part of the Geo-Technical investigation to determine the Geo-Technical characteristic of the sub-soil. 

Subsurface Soil Characterization

KEC has performed several site investigations to determine the subsoil characteristics for construction


KEC is responsible for the design of helical piles in stabilizing existing foundation in institutions and commercial buildings. 

Combination Helical Pile Application

KEC is responsible for the unique application of helical piles for stabilizing retaining walls using helical piles