Permitting - NEW PART 360 PROJECTS

C&D Waste Facilites

KEC has permitted several C&D waste facilities in Nassau, Suffolk and New York City Region form 100 TPD to 1500 TPD in record time to get an operating permit in New York State. 

Rail Facilities

KEC has permitted an intermodal facility on Long Island and in the Bronx in record time with NYSDEC and DOS.

Truck Wash Facilities

KEC is in the process of obtaining permit Truck Wash facilities in Long island and Up State New York. 

Leachate Handling Facilities

Designed landfill and ashfill leachate handling facilities in NYSDEC Region 1.

Research and Development Projects

Prepared documentation for handling C&D waste material under the research and handling program to permit a C&D facility in Long Island. 

Registration Facilities

KEC has prepared documentation for permitting waste handling facilities under the registration section of NYSDEC regulations. 

Nassau County Dept of Health Permitting

Obtained permits from Nassau County Department of Health for installation of Sanitary Sewage Disposal Systems and Swimming Pools, water mains etc.  

NYCDOB Permitting

KEC has filed and obtained permits in NYC for air, water, backflow prevention devices, NYCDOB, NYCDEP permits for several clients, ranging from individuals to institutions. 

Suffolk County Dept of Health Permitting

Obtained permits from SCDHS for the installation of wells, water mains, sewage disposal systems, swimming pools, and final certification and closure. 

Village Permitting

Obtained permits from individual Villages for the construction of buildings, docks, swimming pools and retaining walls and installation of dry wells and leach fields. 


KEC has obtained permits from NYSDEC for the construction of docks, wells, grants, roads and SWPPP projects. 

NYCDEP Permitting

KEC has obtained permits from NYCDEP for the installation of storm-water retention tanks, Back-flow prevention devices and final certification.